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Our specialty

1. Use standard steel to complete various structures (steel structure)

This is a remarkable progress.

Now, there are more and more steel structures. Whether from design to construction, steel structures are relatively advanced and scientific.
Because of its light weight, the foundation becomes easy to handle. Because it can be prefabricated in the factory, welded, assembled with high quality, high degree of modularity, and the project progresses quickly. The steel structure has high strength, low cost, and can be reused, so it is more green and environmentally friendly.


Attic steel structure using EXPRESS STRUT profile

2. Customized various metal structures

We manufacture various types of connection structures according to user requirements. It can be used as large-scale machine pits, overhead racks, pay-off parts, as well as apartment / HDB flower stands and railings.

Custom railing


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P09 - P17

P18 - P26

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P36 - P44

P45 - P49

Our Services

Design & Construction general contracting

We have our own design engineers to design optimal solutions for different high-rise steel structures, light steel structures, space steel structures and residential steel structures, which are successfully completed by an experienced construction team.


For steel structures of different industries and conditions, we have a complete set of inspection and testing methods and experience, and have a comprehensive treatment method.

Building Renovation

We undertake construction renovation, remodeling and upgrading. For example, the concrete structure was changed to a steel structure, and the fixed structure was upgraded to an active structure.


The high degree of division of labor cooperation makes the technology more and more professional and detailed. According to the actual situation of the customer, we provide free consultation and advise the customer.

Our specialty

General engineering

– Construction
– Factory engineering
– Road works and channels
– Bridge engineering
– Landscaping work

Mechanical engineering

– Air Conditioning System
– Warehouse steel frame
– Machine pit
– Construction steel components
– Security system

Electrical engineering

– Small power system
– Transformer system
– Genset system and AMF
– Lighting system

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The boss of this company knows mechanics and electricity. It is easy to discuss and help to find a way. The younger brother is also enthusiastic, looking for things and parts.

We will come again.

Our requirements are very special, and in the peak and low seasons of sales, the structure has to change. We have found several company but they say can’t do. But here says, yes, our steel structure can be adjusted easily!

The boss is very smart!

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